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"Chris Lema doesn't sell you on himself, he sells you on yourself."

— Mika Epstein

My name is Chris Lema and I'm your biggest fan. Whatever it is that you're trying to do with WordPress—running a WordPress company, selling WordPress products, or evaluating the right WordPress plug-in, theme, or solution—I want to help you win quickly and easily. That's why this site exists.

Themes, Plugins, And Tools, Oh My!

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Nothing has impacted my business more than having Chris Lema as a coach and mentor. His guidance and unique frameworks have helped us improve every facet of our business. Not only are we more profitable and scalable, but we also have a proven roadmap for reaching our long-term goals.

Chris is one of those rare people who can envision the big picture but also understand the details better than anyone else. He’ll help you connect dots and provide clarity for the issues that keep you up at night. I look forward to every conversation because I know that not only will I come away with actionable steps to improve the business, but he’ll also bring out the best in me.

Brad Morrison | GoWP

Chris Lema

Do You Want To Pick My Brain?

Over the last few years, through private consulting, coaching, and using the pay-by-the-minute Clarity service, I've helped hundreds of folks like you solve their WordPress problems and overcome their technical challenges.

“One of the best 15 minutes I have spent. Chris is the real deal. I highly recommend you connect with him to get clarity if you are stuck with a problem.” — Sam Rizzi

Have a question right now? Let's chat. Most calls last less than 20 minutes.